We export the quality of our floors.
We export the quality of our floors.

We are an export agro-industrial company dedicated to the production, industrialization, packaging and marketing of fruit and vegetable products.


We are working on the GLOBAL GAP certification of our plantations.


We are working on the GLOBAL GAP certification of our plantations. Since 1997, this institution has been auditing and certifying producers, helping them meet accepted criteria for food safety, sustainable production methods, worker and animal welfare, responsible use of water, food for animals and plant reproductive materials.


We are members of the International Fresh Produce Association.


The Miracle team will be part of the trade mission organized by ProMendoza to Sao Paulo, Brazil in September and will participate in The Global Produce and Floral Show, in Florida, USA, at the end of October.


April 2022

Representatives from Miracle's technical and commercial area visited lettuce, onion and garlic plantations in the town of Salinas, California and vineyards in Napa Valley, California.

August 2022.

We are going through one of the most attractive phenological stages of the cultural cycle: plant growth. In a few days, we will enter the final stretch where we expect the plant to focus all its energies on the growth of the bulb.

October 2022.

We have started the IFA v.6.0 standards certification process through Global GAP. We hope to have our GGN by mid-2023.

November 2022.

Our garlic is already in the dryer. We have 10 ha of drying racks, located at a strategic point between the plantations and the packing plant.

December 2022.

We have shipped the first of many containers to the USA. With an estimated transit time of 23 days from the loading date.

January 2023.

We began to receive the first equipment in our warehouses. They are stored in the appropriate conditions for their preservation. For now, we have immediate delivery availability in Miami, New York and Los Angeles.

February 2023.

Customers are already removing merchandise from our warehouses. Some have removed pallets and others…entire containers!

March 2023.

In the USA we received our first garlic in nets, also called "souvenirs". We have packs of 5 and 3 pieces of white and violet variety.

June 2023.

The garlic plants can already be seen! You can coordinate your visit to our plantations, industries and offices, we are already putting together the delivery programs for the 23/24 season.


Commercial and Administrative Office..

Chacras Park, Ceibo Building suite 308, Luján de Cuyo, Mendoza, Argentina.

Processing and Packaging Plant.

Laguna del Diamante 275, San Carlos, Mendoza, Argentina.


Email : hi@miracleargentina.com